happy chestnuts picking

Because it was bad for the condition of PC, I do update after a long time.
We went to the 2nd chestnut picking-up this year.
Last time, we could pick up a chestnut hardly.
This time, it was possible to have picked up much.
It drizzled, when we was picking it.
While we were picking them up, the chestnut made a noise from above the head and fell and fell to the following.
I cooked chestnut rice that typical Japanese autumn menu or the chestnut cake and so on variously.
My hand became painful for chestnuts skin peeling.


種蒔 4/11
発芽 4/22
間引 5/10
収穫 6/末~9月末



Finless Porpoise

We went out to the Mikawa bay by boat.
Mikawabay is located Aichi pre.
It was first time for me to see the SUNAMERI (the finless porpoise).
I have never seen it so far in my life, even if it is dolphin.
Even when I did scuba diving.
Of course, I have seen it in the zoo or aquarium.
It was fantasic. At the time, I was driving a boat instead of the husband.
I saw that the black and circular countless object went in and out in the surfaces of the water.
What was it? looks like dolphin, rather whale, but not big? but no dorsal fin...
The husband said that he had heard the SUMAMERI is inhabiting in MIKAWA bay.
We could see there were equal to or more than 30 finless porpoises
that divide in to small group.
I wanted to come near to them,and I did shift down to do not let them surprise.
When we speed down, it left me far and far....
I do not know when I can see them again?

second fishing for him

SASUKE is not interested in fishing so far.
He likes to go out to enjoy seaside view.
His life is always indoor,it is normal for Japanese kids recent years.
My childhood was not like him, we went out everyday to play with nature.
He is still lucky to have a chance to go out.
Some twincome parents spend a holiday for house work
such as cleanning or purchase for the next week.

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rest on the leaf

After left the typhoon no.14, it has returned to hot day.
I am going to puti-farm to clean the site from the typhoon damage.
Lots of frogs are living there. I think that it has own space to live there.
I can find same frog (look like same...) on the same reaf.
And I can see that different leaf has different frog....(different kind).
I love them that they eat mosquitos.

first time fishing

Nephew SASUKE did fishing first time.
He caught only one goby?(HAZE).
So the fishing site was near, the fishes were still alive when they back home.
He loves eating fish, but he didn't eat it.
He has never seen live fish at home so far
He looked like not in the mood for eating it.
He might has known the fact the human eats live item like the fish.


I harvested a Edamame at my puti-farm today.
I planted a black soybean this year.
We eat it as the Edamame so the colour is still green.
Edamame is young soybean.
It becomes a soybean when Edamame dries up.
If you say edamame, Japanese people guess a glass of beer in summer.
How to cook edamame is very simple, we just boil it with salt.
When I saw the black edamame at the supermarket,
it is sold about S$10 par a pack.
We can buy it for S$2, if it is not black bean.
It was very sweet and yummy.
My family was surprised that
they had never tasted like this edamame so far.

The Kinokuni seaside

It was lucky to take this photo at the Wakayama station.
This is the special season train which runs among Shirahama from Tennouji.
The diesel car tows it.
This time is for summer holiday, and it runs one or two times a day.
You would be able to experience the lyrical flow and spend the time
slowly if you take the train and travel Wakayama Prefecture seaside.

nephew Seigoh

The nephew Seigoh has began to walk since last week.
He loves eating , it makes his parents head ache.
Immediately after he was born, his mother became sick.
Therefore he wasn't permitted to drink mother's milk.
He may have learned to eat from the early days.
His tooth has grown only 4 yet.
His appetite is always full,
and He is particular about the gusto to the food.
We are concerned about his extraordinary condition for foods as the infant.


I took this picture at the Kansai International Airport Station.
There was not enough light for taking the photograph there.
So it seems like more mysteries in the dark.
This limited express train links Tennouji and Kansai international airport.
The indoors is unified in the beige colour
which has calmness contrary to the outward appearance
and the circular windows and the animal print sheets are novel.

The Ocean Arrow

We went to Wakayama Prefecture to meet it.
The Ocean Arrow is the limited express train which my nephew loves.
It is running KIi peninsula from the Tennouji in Osaka to Shinguu in Wakayama Prefecture.
The road to Wakayama where is a sightseeing spot in the seaside in 1st of Kansai area
was bustling by the people in the summer vacation.
Also, we thought it was easy to going to see trains,
then we invited the younger brother's family to our travel.
However, taking pictures at the station was very hot ,
and needing physical strength above the imagination.

The sea bathing

We were company with the first time sea bathing of SASUKE.
He was so excited of it. And we was,too.
We haven't gone to the sea bathing for the long time.
In addition to our swimming, we enjoyed the hand catching of fish and doing BBQ.

It was born

It has eaten up the leaves and the parsley of the tangerine at my mini garden.
Therefore, I was disinfecting these plants but it survived.
It was born today.
It doesn't want to kill it which is beautiful but when it is a larva, the truth is blight for me.
I want this butterfly fly away to somewhere and not come back.
Otherwise,I will face it spawns eggs on my garden leaves again.


We saw fireworks at HANBA summer festival in SAKUMA.
HANBA area is very small town between mountain side and SAKUMA river.
So the festival scale is very compact.
It is typical Japanese village style.
The people go to worship to the shrine and pray for the safety and health life.
The children ride on the DASHI and play the drum or the Japanese flute.
The adults pull the DASHI and walk in the town.
the firework in there was spacial.
There were few firework launches,
and there were below 100 visitor to see the fireworks.
It seemed like there was booking seat for only me.
The sound shook a footing, the firework rose approximately onto the head
the spark fell with the sprinkle.
So it was excited.

Where is YOKO

If it is difficult to found the bait, our puti-farm can satisfy her appetite.
YOKO might have flown somewhere already,some time before.
The person in the park management company had cut
all weeds around of the tree which let YOKO go.
The possibility to have been removed her sawdusts is high.
Where is YOKO.
We've never seen her since the SAYONARA day.

First time

My husband passed the examination of the shipping 2 class license.
We borrowed a rental boat immediately and go to the sea MIKAWA-WAN.
It was better to do a tan, but too much, very hot day.
He plans to take next 1 class license examination and is spirited.
I have to find a part time job for pay for the rental boat.
How much the cost of it in your country ?
If we buy the boat we have to keep money the prices for three cars
,except for the management expenses.......SAMISHII


We had let YOKO free.
We chose one tree which is on the side of the puti-farm as the place of her new place.
We put some foods for YOKO and her sawdusts under the tree.
We painted the liquid of the kabutomushi beetle exclusive use there and let her go.
After she licked the liquid for tens of seconds, straight went down to the sawdusts under the tree as if she had found her smell.
Then, she had dived into it.
Good bye, Sayonara, YOKO......

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